Can Other Procedures Be Performed at the Same Time?

Yes, other procedures can be performed at the same time as a turbinate reduction. When other components contribute to nasal congestion, such as a deviated septum, sinus polyps, enlarged adenoids, or a sinus blockage, these components can be addressed at the same time as turbinate surgery Your doctor will discuss such options with you when developing your treatment plan.

How is the Procedure Done?

During the procedure, your doctor places the ClariFix balloon inside the nose (under endoscopic guidance) on the nerve that causes the chronic rhinitis and it is rapidly cooled using nitrogen gas.

Can ClariFix Be Done In-Office?

Yes, ClariFix can be done in your doctor’s office under local anesthesia.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Most patients tolerate treatment very well. In a study of 27 patients, the cryotherapy was well-tolerated and patients reported an average pain rating of 1.19 on the Wong-Baker FACES pain scale (0 = minimum score, 5 = maximum score).

Are There Any Side Effects to ClariFix Treatment?

With any cryosurgery procedure, there are some side effects, but those associated with the nasal passageway include, pain/discomfort, headache, facial pain, bleeding, dry nose, and ear blockage. These symptoms usually resolve on their own immediately after treatment or within a week or two after treatment.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

The ClariFix device uses a special cooling probe to freeze a small area of nasal tissue in the back of the nose. The cooling time takes just a few minutes, and patients can go home within 30 minutes after the procedure.

Is ClariFix a Safe Procedure?

ClariFix is safe. In a clinical study, the ClariFix device was found to be well-tolerated with no device or procedure-related serious adverse events.

Is There Downtime for Recovery?

There is minimal downtime for recovery from this treatment. Most patients can return to normal activities the next day.

How Long Before You See An Improvement?

Most patients begin to see improvement between 7 days and 30 days post-treatment.

Will You Need Nasal Medications After Treatment?

After treatment, patients are advised to use saline irrigation for 3 weeks to help with temporary congestion.